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Think, Reflect, Pray & Love

One of the greatest opportunities I have had since becoming your priest at St. John’s is the drive from home in Carrollton to the St. John’s in Hopewell. Not that living closer would be bad, however the drive-up Route 10, while sometimes can get monotonous, has actually been a great opportunity for me to reflect not only on the big stuff of life (the Forest), but the opportunity to see the small stuff as well (the Trees). I don’t believe many of us always have that opportunity or at least we don’t make the effort to find time for thought, prayer, and introspection. But finding the time to do this, gives us new perspectives, new avenues of thought, new ways we can try to correct wrongs, to be really truthful with our selves and to delve into the way we live our life.

I have never been one to really be disciplined to find for myself a prayer time, meditation, writing in a journal, or just reflecting about what happens or happened during the week. But since I came to St. John’s, with about and hour and a half drive from door to door, I found the time to think, to see, hear, and smell things I never had before and it has been invaluable. I have had the time to acknowledge, as we say in the Nicene Creed, “… of all that is, seen and unseen.” Being on the road for two and a half hours gives me that time. I really suggest that you find your time. You will not be sorry.

Sometimes I reflect on a piece of scripture that I had been thinking about during the week; about how it makes sense for me today, or how to use it to get through a particularly challenging time. And then sometimes I do just the opposite; I charge myself to find a piece or pieces of Scripture that might say something to the challenge.

Sometimes it is so amazing that I surprise myself with what I come up with. And then I think, wow Bill, you are good! But then I realize it wasn’t me that came up with anything. It is Another, with whom I am in relationship, that is God, the Creator who sees Creation as Good. And this gives me a good place to start working out my challenges and know that in the end, it is Good! So even when things don’t come to me exactly when I want or when I am asking, or when I am thinking, or reflecting, or meditating, I need not worry, for God has my back and it is all Good. It shouldn’t amaze me when God acts in my own history as God acts in the world's history because it happens all the time, we just need the time to open our eyes.

Celebrate some time with God. Reflect, meditate, think, pray, and love. Here you will find goodness in your life.

Don’t forget to pick up a quart or two of Brunswick Stew on Saturday at the Church or in the parking lot of Randolph Market, between 10 AM and 2 PM. Also be sure to join us Sunday for our services at 8 AM and 10:30 AM in the Church or at 10:30 AM on YouTube. Here you should find some "carnal goodness" in Brunswick Stew, as well as "spiritual goodness" at Church! Look at it this way, you can have both!

May God’s blessings fill you with grace, peace, and love, today and always. Fr. Bill+



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