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As you enter the Nave on a Sunday morning or any other day of worship, there is a warm, joyful spirit to be found. Longtime friends hug and greet each other and guests are welcomed and made to feel comfortable and at home.

We find fulfillment and unity in The Book of Common Prayer.

Our Eucharistic Services are liturgically centered, which provides a sense of the mystery of God and simultaneously frees worshipers to simply let the rhythm of the liturgy carry them through their worship experience.

During the time of this Pandemic, we are currently worshipping with the Daily Office of Morning Prayer and have a Eucharistic Service  on the last Sunday of the month, distributing communion in one kind, the bread. 

Sermons are based on the Scripture lessons of the day and seek to offer relevance and authenticity to daily living. Several times a year, sermons at the later service are specifically designed with our children and youth in mind.

Our music is celebratory and also connects with the Scripture readings that day. Our choir consists of as many as 20 souls, all volunteer.

Children, in Kindergarten through 7th grade, are offered the opportunity to participate in our Children’s Liturgy program which is offered during Sunday School at 10:30 am. 

During Advent and Lent, programs are offered at Noon. 

If you seek worship that is grounded in hope and joy, that connects with God and a welcoming community for all people, and that inspires and informs daily living, we hope you will feel welcome to join us!
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